Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tucker Time!

We were given a very special treat for dinner tonight - chicken legs! We don't get them very often, because Mum can't always buy them in bulk, and she says that her budget (whatever that is) can't stretch to yummy chicken legs unless they're in bulk amounts.

She kept some of them, put some powder stuff on them, and put them in the oven for herself and Dad, but we all got one each for dinner! None of us understand why Mum and Dad use the oven - chicken legs are best when they're raw!

We know we are lucky puppies because we have our own lounge chairs outside, that we won't get into trouble for eating on. Monty claimed the big lounge chair tonight, and settled in to try and inhale his chicken leg. Unfortunately, it was too big! He HAD to chew it up! Plus, his chicken leg was a little bit frozen on one side, to stop him from being a greedy-guts.

He worked out after a while that it's easier to eat if you put your paw on one end!

Pirate is a slow eater when it comes to bones, and he settles in and chews slowly. Monty doesn't understand why he chews bones so slowly - if you eat faster, it usually means you can try to steal the bones off the other two!

Pirate settled in on one of the smaller lounge chairs, his favourite one, to enjoy his chicken leg.

Pirate likes to lick his chicken legs lots before he starts to chew them.  Mum says its because Pirate has sensitive teeth, and the chicken leg was too cold for him straight away. Monty thinks Pirate is silly. 

Lucky could have eaten his chicken leg on one of the lounge chairs too, but he decided that the laundry was a better place. He even pulled out the old curtains that Dad uses as rags sometimes to eat on. Mum didn't get mad at Lucky for this - even though when Monty pulled out an old towel to chew bones on, Mum put her angry face on and yelled at him. Monty thought that the towel was his, since it is the one that he gets dried with after the beach and baths. 

Lucky was so excited to get his chicken leg that he started bouncing around in circles! Mum NEVER gives us good food like this! (Mum would like to add that she does  give them good food, EVERY night, but her boys have goldfish memories!)

We've all been told that we're going to an estuary tomorrow, and that we will get to meet some other puppies. We get to go in the CAR! Yay! The car is the most awesomest fun EVER! You get to see so much stuff, and there are so MANY cars out there! Mum says we will be in the car for an hour to get there, but we're not sure how long that is. We don't care - it's the CAR!

Puppy Love from Monty, Pirate, and Lucky!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


HI! We are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, our names are Pirate, Monty, and Lucky.

Lucky is the eldest - he's about 10. Mum and Dad rescued him from death row at the local pound, and he won't tell us how old he really is. He has his moment, where he acts like a Puppy again, but Cavaliers are forever-puppies anyway. The rest of the time, Lucky likes guarding the bed, and his food dish (even if there is nothing in it!). He can be a grumpy old man sometimes too, but he likes his pats, and puts up with Mum and Dad wanting to give him cuddles.

He was not in very good shape when he came to live with us. He'd been in the pound for over a week, he was covered in his own mess, and his coat was so matted he couldn't walk properly. He had to have three baths in a row before his coat was white again, and he had a lot of horrible hair cut off his legs, belly, and backside.

He had a proper haircut just before Christmas, and he looked so much better - like a much younger dog! It also let him walk properly again, and meant that he stopped slipping on the tiles in the house.

Pirate is 3, and he's lived with Mum for his whole life. He even braved an aeroplane ride to move from Queensland to Perth with Mum when he was only one!

Pirate puts up with a lot. He gets picked up randomly, and carried places around the house. He also went from being Mum and Dad's only dog, to having two brothers, so he had to deal with having a lot less attention. Mum and Dad make sure that all of us boys get alone time though, so no one feels left out.

He is the quietest of us, and the nicest. He doesn't mind little kids, or other dogs, or strangers. He is always very gentle when he takes treats from people, and always waits away from the door when Mum and Dad get home from work. Pirate is a proper little gentleman - unless he is going for a walk or a drive! Then, he gets overexcited and jumps around in circles!

Monty is the baby of the family, Mum adopted him just after he turned one. His previous Dad said that he couldn't stay with them anymore, and so he came to live with us.

Monty is the Joker in the family. He is always the one to pull things out of the bin, or to run through the house covered in mud, or to jump up on Mum and Dad. He also likes to sleep on the pillows on Mum and Dad's bed. If Mum and Dad are in bed, and get up to turn out the lights, by the time they get back Monty has already taken over!

Monty is very hesitant around new people though. Mum and Dad think he was beaten up as a puppy, because he gets really shy around people he doesn't know, and won't go up to them unless they have food - in which case, he steals the food and runs away to eat it.

The three of us boys know that we have a good life. And now, we can share what we get up to with all of you! We have a big outing coming up on Thursday - we're going to an Estuary! We're not really sure what that is just yet, but Mum said it's like the beach only without waves. Pirate loves the water, but Monty isn't so brave. This will be Lucky's first time with water.