Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Special Treat!

Mum cooked spaghetti bol for dinner tonight for Dad and herself, but she made a mistake! She cooked WAY too much! We boys like when Mum cooks too much of something, because we sometimes get to help eat it! We don't normally get spaghetti bol though, cos Mum says its too fatty for us (we don't think so!), but because Mum is trying to eat healthy she cooked a special version and left all the good bits out of it.

Pirate's Dinner
Normally, Mum's spaghetti bol has bacon, and red wine, and sugar in it, but this time it didn't. It had lean mince, grated carrot, mushrooms, tomato paste, chopped tomatoes, and a lot of herb-y things that we don't know what they get called.

Lucky's Dinner

Even though us boys get special dog food that comes in a big roll, and we each have special doggy biscuits that suit us (Lucky has Senior Biccies cos he's old, Pirate has Hi-Shine Coat biccies, and Monty has Weight-Management biccies), Mum thought that we might like to have some Mince with our biccies instead of the roll. She thinks that a treat each week for dinner won't hurt us, so long as we don't get TOO much. We wanted the spaghetti as well, but Mum said no because it has flour in it, and flour isn't good for Cavaliers.
Monty's Dinner

Mum took our bowls into the kitchen to serve out our dinner. We went with her to tell her how much we wanted - Mum didn't listen to us, and only gave us a little bit. We wanted our WHOLE BOWL filled up! Mum said 'DEFINITELY NO' because our dinner bowls used to belong to a Rottweiler who lived with our Pop - our Dad's Dad. Mum is going to make us  our very own Spaniel Bowls when she gets back to University, because she doesn't like the ones available in Perth. She says they're ugly. 

Lucky was so excited to get his Special Dinner
Lucky got to eat his dinner inside tonight, because Mum didn't trust Monty. Normally, Lucky gets to have his dinner on one of the lounges outside, or in the laundry, but because Monty likes to steal the other boys food (especially when its SPECIAL food!), Dad suggested that Mum give Lucky his dinner inside. He really is Lucky!

Monty tried to keep an eye on the other boys while he was eating
Monty was the first one finished, of course, and he came and stood in the doorway and watched Lucky finish his dinner. Monty HAD to check the bowl when Lucky had finished, just in case Lucky had decided to be really nice and leave some for him. He didn't.

Pirate just wanted to dig in!
Mum also told us to say sorry for not updating for a while - she's been working 6 days a week at work, and hasn't had much time to do anything. We hate it when Mum goes to work - unless Dad is home, it means we have to get locked outside, and we HATE it!

We did get to go to the Estuary the other week, and one of Mum's friends took HEAPS of photos. Mum tried to pick the photos up a heap of times, but her friend always forgot to bring them to work for her. Mum's friend is posting the photos to Mum on a disk, and when they show up Mum is going to do a special post just for them. We'll let you know all about the Estuary in that post.

We're all so full from dinner now, and about to go to sleep. Goodnight, and puppy love from Pirate, Monty, and Lucky!

PS - Thank you for all the lovely comments, and thank you for visiting our blog!