Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Monty's Birthday Celebration

Well, it was Monty's birthday yesterday, he turned 21 (or 3 in actual years!). Mum was too tired to put photos up last night because of Uni and Work, but here we are!

Mum decided that we needed Party Hats! (shh! Don't tell Dad, he didn't think that Party Hats were a good idea for us).

It's Monty's Birthday, so he gets the Blue Hat!

Lucky's hat was a little bit big, and it fell off twice before Mum got this photo!

Pirate is a poser! He looks very regal in his hat!

Monty LOVES chocolate, but since it's really not good for dogs, Mum found us some dog-friendly chocolate drops.
Homebrand Choc Drops from Woolworths, $3.29

It was meant to be for dessert, but we got SO excited when we saw the box that Mum relented and gave us one each. She says that the chocolate drops are a very sometimes-food from now on because they do have a fairly high sugar content, but since it's Monty's birthday she said that we can have another one for dessert as well.
Monty was SO excited about the Choc Drops! Look at his tail!
Pirate waited very patiently, but even his tail was a blur!
Lucky was so excited he kept jumping around! This photo was the fifth attempt!

We were VERY well behaved after our chocolate drops! We even sat together for a photo for Mum - this doesn't happen very often!

There's always one in the bunch to make it a comedy shot!
Smiles all round!

Puppy Love from Monty (the Birthday Boy!), Pirate, and Lucky!


  1. Happy Birthday handsome Monty! I love the hats. So glad your mommy shared your chocolate doggy treats with your brothers!

  2. Happy birthday Monty! It's the first time I read about dog-friendly chocolate. It's super cool!

  3. Happy birthday Monty!!!!! Looks like you guys had an awesome party!

  4. Happy Birthday Monty!! It looks like you had a great celebration - and those doggie chocolates looked DELICIOUS! I'm not surprised you got excited - hee! Hee!

    I have to say, I think you Cavaliers have the most GORGEOUS doggie smiles ever!! :-)

    Honey the Great Dane

  5. Oh - and I forgot to add - thank you so much for your lovely long comments on my blog! It's always so interesting to read about your different habits & personalities!

  6. Oh my, how can you handle all that cuteness? I have one Cavalier and the level of adorableness is overwhelming some days - I can't imagine having three! :) How wonderful!