Saturday, June 25, 2011


Another 'introducing' post!

Don't worry, Mum hasn't adopted another one of us (as much as she wishes she could! Dad has said 'NO'!).

Some of you might know that Pirate and Monty are purebred cavaliers. Pirate's mother was too young when he was born to allow the puppies to be registered, but he is a very well bred cavalier. Monty... well, there are a lot of issues surrounding Monty's registration papers, so suffice to say he no longer has any (the legal battle would be too hard, and cost too much). They've both been scanned for about every disease that cavaliers CAN be scanned for!

A couple of months ago, a little girl came to stay with us for a week. Last Sunday, Mum received a phone call that she had to go to see Angel and her humans straight away because she was having puppies!

When Mum got there, she had already had two, and Mum was there to witness (and help with) the birth of four more.

Three healthy boys, and three healthy girls! Angel and her puppies are all doing great!

At about an hour old
First feed
Angel and the puppies (3 days old)


  1. We can't stop saying awwwww.... Angle and her pups look great!

    Momo & Pinot

  2. Oh my goodness! THose puppies are just GORGEOUS!!!!!

  3. I am sorry to hear Pirates Mom was so young when she had him. Heart disease and following the MVD protocol is so important in Cavaliers as are MRI's for syringomyelia. Very beautiful puppies! I hope they find loving homes.

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