Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cuddles on the Couch

Mum and Dad decided it would be fun to sleep on the sofabed in the lounge room tonight, as they were planning on watching movies and stuff, and Mum always seems to fall asleep during movie nights.

They pulled the couch apart (well, that's what it looked like to us!) and set up the sofa bed. Can you guess what we did?

Pirate & Monty stole Mum's spot on the sofa!

Lucky lay down at the end of the sofabed cos he had more room

Pirate is quite pleased with himself!


  1. What a cool idea! You all look so comfy snuggled together! :-)

    I've just been catching up on your posts as my human has been SO busy too and hasn't had any time to help me visit my blog friend so we could really sympathise with your Mom's schedule in your last post!

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. Love the idea of snuggling on the couch. What fun!

  3. It's common knowledge that Cavaliers always get the best seats in the house! (No matter who's spot it really is)