Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hiding & Habits

Can't See Me!
We had fun with Mum two nights ago when she was trying to finish a Uni assignment. Pirate was looking for attention, and as Dad was busy playing with Monty and Lucky, he was really trying to get Mum's attention!
Good Hiding Spot, huh?

 Unfortunately for Pirate, Mum was VERY busy! So, instead, he started to hide behind the laptop, thinking he could still be close to Mum and she wouldn't even know! (NB. It was past midnight, so Mum was sitting in bed using the laptop so she could just put it on the side table and go to sleep straight away afterwards).

Close Up!
Mum could see him though, and it made her laugh, so she grabbed her camera and took a couple of shots. Pirate then took it that Mum had finished, and came up for cuddles at the same time as Mum tried to take a photo!
I reckon I'm pretty smart!

Monty, on the other hand, was very busy giving Dad a pedicure. We've mentioned before that Monty has a foot-fetish, and now we have photos to back it up. He will (if you let him!) sit for AGES just licking Dad's (or Mum's, or Pop's, or whoevers!) toes!

Do any other doggies out there do this too?


  1. Too cute - Becky is jealous of the lap top. Usally she crawls on top of ours to stop us using it!

  2. Monty, we love your smile!!! Now our mom wants Cavalier who does pedicure!

    Momo & Pinot xoxo

  3. That was a very good hiding spoot Pirate! (Oh, and Monty, I can sympathize! I could sit and lick my owners feet for hours, if they would let me!)

  4. Hi Boys - how interesting to learn that you learnt "bisou" too! :-) I would have loved to have seen it! Maybe you could do a vide anyway when your humans are together and have time - I'm sure it would be so cute to see!

    Honey the Great Dane

  5. Charlie does this to my husband all the time!